Bwengula Circus kids seem to not look back after getting recongnised by big platforms.

They were firstly appreciated and posted by @FireboyDml 7weeks ago. dancing to his song which went viral ,Vibration.

And guess what happened now, they got another recongnition from a @cirque du soleil performing star of Amaluna.

Her names are ,@Amara Defilippo. She was dancing their choreography on a song called Beng Beng by Slumboyz256.

As a celebration for the Africa Union day.

This was an open challenge for all people to try it out to share happiness with bwengula children. Amara was among the ones who participated in this challenge & shared her love with these young children.

Click to watch her dance also get to know how the bwengula kids got amazed to see her dance.


Thank you so much for the kind and lovely heart Amara.

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