About Us

When you see what this organisation does, Its not difficult to feel moved and share in its desire to help, It cant solve all problems overnight, but it can make an impact and do a change in peoples lives on a daily basis, what it needs, though ,are volunteers who share their passion to help and who want to make a difference.

In 2016, Kibuuka Clinton became one of the best Acrobat,Circus & Gymnastics performer in Uganda, where every one in he’s community would look up on him as a very big example and well developed youth after winning some international gigs travelling to Egypt, Eritrea, & China sharing stages with different international artistes.

He started teaching Gymnastics and physical education in local and international schools, it was really interesting for him to share skills with young people which saves their health from being infected with diseases caused unfitness but soon he discovered that many street and ghetto children are living in lungujja kosovo, he’s hometown where it rains and floods everywhere during the wet season. its a very poor community & swampy area where children luck shelter, education, food and clean water for drinking.

But instead most of them could spend most of their time looking for scrapped metals, old plastic bottles on rubbish pits to sell and get money including the youths since unemployment is one of the biggest challenges in Uganda, So that is what they could do to cater for their needs.  Then he came up with an idea of creating an organisation which could help these street and ghetto children to learn arts skills for a social change and also supported in education.