Bwengula Arts Academy Release Official Dance Video

Hello people, this is a video made by bwengula kids who are always doing creativity for a good life and to inspire other humans who are going through the same situations of poverty in life, where education is very important  but expensive and not affordable by every one. most of the families are poor because parents are jobless in otherwords unemployment leading to all of these challenges in our lives.

With love and support we can change our living so please kindly run to us when you see your self being ready to support our project to give good needs for these children, education, shelter, food , clothings and clean water for drinking.

we have almost 25 children who do not go to school yet because of luck of school fees but in case if you’re there and support us to atleast sponsor a child, you’re very welcome to do so and we can be in serious touch with you for the child to go for education. thanks

All donations are welcome because with just 5$ 1 child can have food for two days so please don’t hesitate to give a little because its all helpfull.

Thank you.

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