Greeting and love from Bwengula family! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we really can’t imagine life without you our lovely fans and supporters.

It has all been a hustle to everyone during this pandemic, but we are happy that most of you stood by us and kept donating for the best of our children. The children are well and warming up for the festive season programs, dancing, playing games and spending some good time as a family.

We are happy that David Berkes one of our founders from Hungary (currently residing in Switzerland) visited us and got united again with the children and the other leaders of the project. We shared some amazing time, he prepared dinner which was very enjoyable and everyone was awaiting to try this type of dish originally from Hungary. However one of the problems our center is facing is floods during the rainy season.

Video of Floods at Bwengula Arts Academy

It floods a lot and everything get destroyed by water including the household materials. Lungujja , Kosovo is a very swampy area which requires houses built on high platforms, but unfortunately our center is on a low land which is mostly affordable for the poor. Our big dream is to buy a land to construct our own warehouse for the center, where we can easily put our materials safe and also build hostels for girl and boy children. We are currently serving a number of over 70 children. You all can imagine how much needs we have to provide for all of them. But with one another’s support we are able to manage that. We encourage you to share our website link or gofundme page to your friends who are interested in donating to bring a change and save a life.

On December 1st it is giving Tuesday! We are collecting donations to serve the children with good meals in the festive season. Every donation no matter which amount is counted as a big gift to us!

Let’s make a change together. Invite friends to become sponsors for our project. Love awaits you all. We are wishing you a happy holiday!

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