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Our mission is to support young people to get access to education and helping to equip them with skills for their better future through conducting training in circus, acrobatics and dance.
Our vision is a community where people support each other to reach their potential through role models of positive social change.

We are operating as a non profit organisation registered in Uganda and to date we support over 45 street children with food, art skills, clean drinking water and 15 with shelter and 5 with education.

If you are looking for a life changing-experience, then just visit our project, you wont regret.

What We Do

We are responsible for bringing back lost smiles to Orphans by providing Academic support as well as meeting their basic needs.


Donate today for a positive change regarding education, health and sanitation matters. We do use the raised funds to change the life of a Ugandan low earning family. Lets make change to the lives of the needy.
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Because every child has a right to live a healthy life, we do help the  community with health facilities like medicine, clean water. etc. We do welcome which ever item that you give in to change a life of a ghetto child.
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Because most of our children are talented, we do have different arts projects that we invest in and as a challenge, we lack enough materials and other training equipment to facilitate the number of kids.
We do welcome your participation. Make your donation today!


Our Gallery

It is the love for  Uganda and the international travelers who pushes us daily to provide the best possible meaningful experience to the volunteers.

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Hello Fam! Today We are sharing with you some of the cool tricks from our kids on a tumbling day. Since the second breakout of the pandemic and the current full lockdown most of our kids have no chance to train and home trainings are also limited…

Life amidst corona period

We are happy that the situation is getting a little bit better in Uganda and the schools are starting to open again for education to go on. Our best wish is that our center opens again for us to continue running our daily program’s as…

Bwengula Kids Festive season Fundraiser

Hello lovely friends out there,the festive season started and our kids at Bwengula Arts Academy need our support even more. We would love to enable them having a beautiful and colourful festive season with a sparkling Christmas celebration.We…

What People Say About Us

Below are what people say about Bwengula Arts Academy Uganda services To the community.

Bwengula Arts Academy has really helped alot in boosting talents of hopeless kids on streets, thumbs up Mr. Kibuuka..

Bwengula Arts Academy has really helped alot in boosting talents of hopeless kids on streets, thumbs up Mr. Kibuuka..

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