Updates of how the children are doing in this Covid19 lockdown

Hello our beautiful people and sponsors, we are grateful for your continued love and support towards the children of bwengula during these hard times of Covid19 , we thank you for staying close even during these hard times. The number of children is increasing day by day since many of the children in the community are starving with the luck of food because their parents are unemployed during this time so we got responsibility for many of our children but your help has soften the living and we hope to keep stretching our hands to even more other vulnerable children.

This is one of our creative videos and yoga photos we did the past few days. Though we are under quarantine, we are doing so much to keep our children busy creating new pieces of art and inspire more people.

Thank you so much for being part of this and may we grow together to see our children achieving their goals..

Bwengula circus kids Practice during the pandemic

During this hard times of corona pandemic disease and quarantine, the children didn’t stop to keep their measures to fight the spread, they’re going on with the continued measures to keep every one safe at the center.

We want to let you know our supporters and sponsors that all the children are good and safe.

We thank you for your continued support through this time.