Bwengula Circus kids seem to not look back after getting recongnised by big platforms.

They were firstly appreciated and posted by @FireboyDml 7weeks ago. dancing to his song which went viral ,Vibration.

And guess what happened now, they got another recongnition from a @cirque du soleil performing star of Amaluna.

Her names are ,@Amara Defilippo. She was dancing their choreography on a song called Beng Beng by Slumboyz256.

As a celebration for the Africa Union day.

This was an open challenge for all people to try it out to share happiness with bwengula children. Amara was among the ones who participated in this challenge & shared her love with these young children.

Click to watch her dance also get to know how the bwengula kids got amazed to see her dance.


Thank you so much for the kind and lovely heart Amara.

We had Some of the parents visited our center.

It was such a beautiful thing to have some of the parents of children visited our center to know more about the project and to tell us everything about their lives in and out home during this quarantine , it’s sad that most of the parents especially men ignore their responsibilities for children at home, Most of them run away from their families hence leaving the mothers to cater and do everything just alone yet they’re also not financially stable hence leading to many young children face hustle life and end up living on streets to find what to eat.

Most of the children become drug addicted because they luck parental love and care simply beacause singled parents who are jobless can’t do reach the children’s needs.

Some of the problems I got to know with our treasurer with whom we had a chance to talk to these parents , it was that their husbands left them in the house with one of the parents 0f 6 children and the other with 3 children.

The children have no education because the mothers aren’t working and also the quarantine is also another problem for them since none of them can work during this period. So they they wanted to thank our project and to also tell us about how the children’s lives are changing with the help of @bwengula arts academy.

We think of bringing a very big change in our community but without the support of every one it might be a hard step to take so we all need your hands to push us as afar as we want to reach our goals.

This is beautiful project which later after the corona disease will be fully registered as a Non governmental Organisation after all the offices open and start their work. We sofar received the first Certificate of registration from the government before the corona broke up so we think in the near future everything will work out smoothly .

We shall establish small local businesses for these parents to also have a chance to work and give back to the children of the communities as a sign of support to each other and with this our projects will grow and reach many lives of people for a social change.

Stay tunned and please keep your daily support towards us our lovely and dear sponsors . Our love for you is too much.

Lots of greetings from bwengula board members Team and the members Team

You can have a chance to watch one of the children’s creativity. Thanks

#Stay home and safe to fight corona.

Appreciating support

Bwengula arts academy children and the leaders are feeling so grateful about the love and support given by different people all over the world.

Thank you for always keeping us at heart and encouraging us to do more great work for these beautiful young people.

They decided to create this video thanking you our amazing sponsors.

@Charlotte Christman’s family @Mona seitz and many more.

Click to play video

We wish you safe and happy times with family.

Bwengula kids showcase new skills 2020

Kids of Bwengula arts academy never seem to step back ever since their break through in early 2019, they have come up with sparkling new balancing  skills which they believe Will not leave you the same.

we have got pics of new skills to Nebraska unveiled, have a look below!Head balances